Pre-order your limited-edition vinyl today!

Very excited to announce my new album releases on August 21st, entitled The Nightlife. And for the first time ever, a Night Train album is pressed on limited edition eco-friendly 12” long play vinyl (including a digital copy of the album), now up for pre-order at

Special shout outs go to contributors Tyrone “Rone” Martin, Gabrielle “Periii” Marie, Ethan Spalding, Dale Tippett, Jr., Justin “Joe Young” Campbell, Markus “NuChoyce” Smith, and Cecily Alexa Bumbray! Thank you to Ron Vento for mixing, mastering and making Nightsky Recording Studios feel like home for all these years! Thank you to Artemis “Ardamus” Thompson for the music production! Thank you, Andre “ADST MUSIC” St Clair for the majority production and amazing behind-the-scenes push to promote this album the best way we can! AND THANK YOU TO MY BEAUTIFUL WIFE, Briana Pullen-Wilkes, for always being strong, encouraging, and supportive—believing in me even when I don’t believe in myself!

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