Money Don’t Make The Man!

Funny story about this song. When I wrote this one, with Ethan Spalding and Rone, we didn’t realized we’d be releasing this during a pandemic! This is a weird time to talk about making money when the world’s collective economic status is in flux and we’re dealing with major issues related to systemic racism! This song wasn’t designed to make any kind of major statement; however, there was a very simple message in the midst of all highs and lows of 2020. Hold on to whatever dollars you have today and invest wisely! You can spend it all or save and invest! It just so happens we put that message over a dope track! Make The Money is streaming on all major platforms! You can also download the track for free right here!

You can also donate after you download! 100% of any proceeds made off this song (or anything from my Bandcamp) go to a Black Lives Matter related nonprofit before June 19, 2020.