Go buy the record! It’s good. And hit the gym! Broadsword has the most Transformer references per capita. The whole album is super solid and it’s peppered with nerdisms. Check it out! He has Bars for Days

Dale & Eric – Optimus Primecast: Retrospective Podcasts

So if you didn’t know I met these guys online, Dale & Eric, who run the Transformers Beast Wars Retrospective Podcast where they review old episodes of one of my favorite shows as a teenager, Beast Wars. They eventually moved to Beast Machines and then jumped straight into reviewing Transformers Prime, which I believe is a high point of the Transformers franchise. I’m a huge Transformer fan, I collect and toys and there’s something I like from almost every branch of the Transformers Multiverse. (Expect Bayformers. Michael Bay sucks donkey balls!)

Anyway, check out Dale and Eric’s podcast review of Episode 02: Darkness Rising of Transformers Prime and listen for a huge Night Train 357 shout out at about 44 minutes in. Hopefully we’ll be hearing more from these two.


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