Waddup Everyone!

This is Stephen “Night Train 357” Wilkes and like a lot of you out there I’m heart-broken, saddened, and enraged by not only what happened to George Floyd, but by countless Black and Brown brothers and sister that have been victim of racial injustice for too many years to count. EVERYTHING ON MY BANDCAMP PAGE IS SET TO NAME YOUR PRICE! JUST CLICK RIGHT HERE! Buy and download ANYTHING and a portion of the proceeds will go towards non-profit organizations helping to fight racial inequality in America, the arts, and gig workers displaced due to COVID-19!


Below are several links to donate to if you want to get involved in be active our community!

CivilRights.Org Toolkit Shared by Barack ObamaFair Fight by Stacey Abrams
Justice for Big FloydNational Urban League
Equal Justice InitiativeColor of Change
Know Your Rights CampAnguish and Action