Drive Me Crazy Remix – This October

Who is Daria Mayfair?

This is the disturbing story of the Ghost Bride from Hell House. Locals and visitors alike have reported seeing an apparition walking through the wooded area that surrounds the ruins of St. Mary’s College Church. Some say she’s an angel, some say she’s a devil, and some say she drives you crazy. But with power and beauty like this, would you even want to be saved?

The video and song premiers on October 8th! Click here to follow and share!

👻 Get ready for a new horror film inspired music video experience by Night Train 357 featuring NuChoyce, with music composed by ADST. The film was shot and directed by Kayode Kendall (with intimacy consultant Reba Corrine Thomas), stars Chelsea Rae and introduced Cat Norris as Daria Mayfair!