Winning isn’t everything, but it feels damn good to win. According to my grandmother I’m a triple threat (her words)! I’m a Wammie award-winning, Addy and graphic design award-winning, divisional martial arts 1st degree Black Belt. I display each accomplishment with honor.

Now, let’s talk about all the losses for a sec, because it’s a better teacher. I’ve failed my Black Belt test 3 times! I’ve lost a lot of nominations over three years and always been handed the short stick for my music with numerous rejections. And, let’s not even talk about graphic design! Sheesh! Every week I flat out work on things that pay the bills but, are—from a creativity standpoint—are not the best works of art in the world. Let’s be honest. You can’t get into the MOMA with PowerPoint templates. Regardless of all the losses, I do what I do because I’m passionate about self-expression. The accomplishments mean a lot to me because it helps to curve my insecurities. Sometimes you wonder to yourself if you’re doing the “right thing” or if you’re good enough. There are a lot of people that are disinterested in what I do or don’t see the value in it. But it’s not for you. It’s for me and my spirit. And these achievements are symbols of that dedication. It’s validation; encouraging me to continue on this journey.

No, winning isn’t everything, but knowing that you did your best to triumph under adversity and pressure is. Now, let’s take this victory lap by making more music and doing more shows, getting back to my Black Belt workouts, and making something super cool and creative as a graphic designer!

Thank you Louis Tinsley, Walter No Get Enenmy, and The Wammies! Thank you to all my friends and family. Thank you to my wonderful wife! Thank you to all the artists and producers that contributed to the album! Thank you to my martial arts instructors, supervisors, and mentors who believe in me! Thank you to my Mom! Thank you to Andre St Clair for going above and beyond to help push this record farther than ever! Thank you to my Dad! Rest In Peace! Your name “Night Train 357” is now is DC Music History!

Thank you GOD! Thank you Mom, Grandma, Gerald, Granddad (Deceased), Briana (my wife), Hercules, Phillip, Cat, Chelsea, Al Da Profit, and all of my friends and family that supported this album and me for all this time!

Thank you to the contributors Ethan Spalding, Rone, Cecily, Periii, NuChoyce, Dale Tippett, and Joe Young! Thank you to Ardamus for the production and ADST Music/Media for the production and his huge help with the promotional push! Thank to Nightsky Studios for helping mix and master this vision! Thank you to the Wammie Board and Musicianship for supporting the Washington, DC Metro Area (DMV) art scene! And finally, thank you to my dad, the original Night Train 357! May you rest in peace and hope I did your name proud!

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